Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Why the hell would anyone want to see what's in my bag? I'm just glad you caught me on a day when I didn't have a half eaten food product or something in it. As you can plainly see from the photo, I have chaos in my bag. I never know what's in it or what I've forgotten. I dumped all that crap on the floor, took a picture and then scooped it all back in. The only difference between what's in it at this moment and when I took the picture is that I realized my sunglasses were missing and put them back in the bag.

That's right, I didn't take the opportunity to put away that pattern and/or the stitch markers. I didn't throw out those receipts. I didn't even throw away that trash that's clearly labeled, "trash" in the photo. That's because I don't care. It's also because the only surprises that I get on most days are what I do or do not find in that bag. It's like a jungle expedition but slightly more and less dangerous. The suspense of it! Will enough digging yield the hair tie I desperately need so I can roll down the car window without my hair whipping perilously in my face? Is there a lollipop to bribe the dreaded Lola Monster with so the trip to the laundromat will not bring her demise by throttling? Did I actually remember my wallet now that I have this cart full of groceries? Holy crap! That guy has the world's lamest vanity plate! Where's my camera? Adventure, my friends. Adventure.

Edit 10:44am: I found a half eaten waffle in there. Figures.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Taking my advice from webcomics

Chances are if you're actually reading my blog you've probably seen this comic strip. I've decided to take the advice of the charming net nerd in the last frame and started up a scarf. Not even a new one, one I've already done before. You see, I need a confidence builder after the unmitigated disaster that was the Victorian Lace Today Cap Shawl. It was truly disgusting what I did to that poor yarn. As a matter of fact, I should get rid of the yarn altogether so I'm not tempted to try again. Seriously, I need like, a lace-weight intervention or something.

So now I'm working on a Wavy in a deep and mysterious forest green. It's far more mysterious than in my totally pro photo at left. It's like Darkest Africa. That's what I would call it if I got to name the colors. But I don't get to name the colors so it'a actually called 'Shade 220' which just doesn't have that same ring to it. It looks viney. Is viney a word? My spell check says, "No," but I don't care what my spell check has to say about it. Shut up spell check! Stop trying to tell me how to live my life, you computers don't own me yet! I'm still free, the robots will never take me alive! Wow, this is some good coffee this morning.

What was I talking about? Ah, yes, the scarf. I'm committing a cardinal knitting sin on this one. Not only am I knitting this for someone who asked me to make them a scarf BUT ALSO it's for a guy I've never actually met. I justify this because I've spoken to him on the phone many times and he entertains the hell out of me and if GK will vouch for him (he's his roommate, hence how I sorta phone-met the guy) then he's got to be a good guy. In any case he's getting a scarf since he was really excited about the one I sent GK some months ago. I do like to be flattered.

I think this project will go a little better than my other recent ones. In a bit of divine providence I accidentally chose a color the guy really likes. Okay, I've got to stop calling him 'the guy', I mean I'm knitting for him he should get a name right? Uh... Hercules. So I'm knitting Hercules a scarf. Awesome.

The yarn for this is really fantastic. It's a machine washable (it's for a guy, I have no illusions about how it will be treated) wool blend. SKR Perth, it's 70% merino and 30% acrylic and you can put it in the dryer! It's really soft, squishy, and the stitch definition is great. I'm totally in love with the stuff.

And finally does anyone read and write well in Greek? I could use a bit of assistance with something...

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

This is me

In an attempt to actually blog once in awhile, like at least weekly. I joined up the knitty blogstalking ring (over there in the left side bar there's a button thingy for it). This week's assignment is "Who am I?". Personally, I find that a bit existential for: a) a blog post, b) a weekend (yes, I'm totally running late as usual), c) the very first blogstalking post but then again, I just used the word thingy, so who am I to judge?

I actually spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to post and I really couldn't come up with anything clever. I thought about posting pictures of Imperial Beach where I grew up or some significant item I have lying around but just went around in circles. The one thing that kept coming up is a place I've never been inside of, that I have no tangible connection to. There's a salt works on a side street over by the bay that just fascinates me. I'm not sure what it is about the place that I find so appealing but I love to drive by it. I prefer it when the sky is a steely grey but this morning's minor rain didn't leave behind any real clouds.

In any case, this is me:

I love the way this place, though still in constant use, looks abandoned. I love the little stalactites of salt that hang down from every awning like Southern Californian icicles. The reflection in the water, the peeling paint, the rusting equipment. I just think it's beautiful. Or, at the very least, compelling.

I don't know why it seems to sum me up but it does. I think I may have misunderstood the assignment...