Monday, June 09, 2008

I so totally finished something.

Yeah, I hauled ass on this scarf... for the last two days. I suddenly had a burning need for completion and, voila! Wavy is finally done. It has taken me so long that the intended recipient, Hercules, is actually making his second trip out here since I started it pretty soon. Okay, next month but hey, at least I finished it before he got here, right?

I really, really love this yarn (SKR Perth). It's machine washable, super soft, and squishy. It also comes in fantastic colors, though not as many as it really should once you take it's awesomeness into account.

I've been sewing lately since the purchase of my new machine. I love the machine it rocks. I've made a bunch of costumes for the kids for a trip I won't tell you about because of the suicidal depression and unbridled rage it will inspire. I've made myself a dress. And I made a new messenger bag for the world's largest woman since the only one who wouldn't look ridiculous carrying it would be her. And even still she might find it a bit much. Stupid pattern, it looked fine in pieces but then it just GREW.

I'm trying to finish up things that are just lying around here, like the Wavy. I'm on to the little sweater for the barber's baby now. I'd put it down for a mistake I made in the eyelets 10 rows previously and can't fix without ripping. Clearly, I'm not ready for a lace shawl like, ever. Kids always distracting me so I end up with shirts with only one armhole and whatnot. They better put me into a damn good home later for all I've put up with. This week they both broke their glasses. BOTH! He snapped his in half and she tried to eat hers. Thank me (yes me) I bought the warranty.

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Comments on "I so totally finished something."


Blogger glittrgirl said ... (6/10/2008 6:25 AM) : 

That is gorgeous. I LOVE the colour. Green ..... mmmmmmmmmm


Blogger Ceci said ... (6/10/2008 10:19 PM) : 

What a great photo! Love that color. Will have to try to make that scarf someday... He's going to love it.


Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (6/11/2008 4:39 AM) : 

It's very pretty!


Anonymous Best Electric Toothbrush said ... (7/29/2011 7:46 AM) : 

Nice work! very nice green you've picked. I want it!


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