Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm no Eunny.

But of course, that should be obvious. I mean, come on, my knitting is not even close to on a par with hers (I have two kids to watch, if I knit up lace they'd haul me away for neglect) and my photography leaves a hell of a lot to be desired (and much the time it leaves most of the work to your imagination).

I mentioned that I was knitting socks FOR a knittyboarder whose screen name is Entrelac. I have been asked several times now how my Entrelac Socks are going. I have never knit entrelac so I really don't think I'll be introducing myself to the technique with knee socks! Lord, I can barely find the time, tenacity, and inclination to knit a pair of plain old socks letalone knee socks, letalone ENTRELAC knee socks! You people expect too much from me (and by 'too much' what I mean is 'anything, anything at all').

Now I feel bragging about my very first bit of colorwork is going to be a letdown. Oh well, I'm going to do it anyway, far be it from me to not gloat about an accomplishment. Go back and look at that first pic again to see my very first attempt at colorwork! Okay so it's not really my first attempt, my first (and second and third) attept was ripped out so I could get a nice even band that wasn't to tight to stretch. I wanted to make sure these things will fit (Jaywalkers taught me to always double check). After I did the colored band I knit a few rounds, put it on waste yarn and pulled it up my leg to see how far it would go. I got it past my knee. I am certain that it will fit. Ooh, I hope they fit! I want these to be awesome. It helps that I have great yarn. I'm using Wildfoote again. It makes a really lovely fabric on size 1 needles. SOme people think it's too splitty but I love it anyway. The colors shown here are Black Licorice and Purple Splendor (which is a tweedy yarn with some blue in it).

Now, I have to tell you about the fabulousness that came in the mail today. The lovely Miss Entrelac for whom the above socks are being knit, sent me some of her famous stitchmarkers. These are not the plastique kind I usually use, oh no! These are better than most of my jewelry (and more useful, although I have used a dangly earring as a rowmarker but...). Anyway, the fabulous markers featured in these pictures are made of niobium wire and the beads are hematite, except the larger beaded markers which are sterling and hematite. I could just swoon, couldn't you? I only wish I could take a picture that would really show them off. Even with the macro function on my camera the best I could do was an exquisite photo of the woven detail of my tablecloth (though it is a nice one, it repels liquid, really it just stays beaded up and wiped right off).


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Comments on "I'm no Eunny."


Blogger Zonda said ... (5/24/2007 9:18 PM) : 

Well heck yes!! I love her SM's!


Blogger Bezzie said ... (5/25/2007 4:23 AM) : 

They remind me of body jewelry for your knitting. Ana's a cool chickie indeed.


Blogger Poops said ... (5/25/2007 12:26 PM) : 

Crap. Now I have to have me some sterling ones. I kind of wish I hadn't seen those.

I like your colorwork! Eunny wishes she was you!


Anonymous OLPP said ... (5/25/2007 5:30 PM) : 

Those socks are far more wonderful that you would lead us to believe.
You know what else I love? Ana's Omega stitch markers! I'm going to have to get some. (I thought Z was saying she loves Ana's S&M! Scandalous!)


Blogger Rain said ... (5/26/2007 9:33 AM) : 

Hee hee, I need me some of those. My knitting needs piercings too.

Aw come on, you know Eunny wishes she was as cool as you.


Blogger Nikki said ... (5/29/2007 10:27 AM) : 

Okay, I just wanted to say I am totally feeling your socks and would have never chosen that color in the skein, but love the subtle interesting way it is working up. Very cool.


Blogger Magatha said ... (5/29/2007 5:05 PM) : 

Those socks are too good to give away. You'd better make two pair. ;-)

I have some jewelry caliber stitch markers too. Sterling and seed pearls with white and rose quartz. A jewelry designer and knittyhead made them for me. They are my most treasured knitting possessions.


Anonymous blanket said ... (5/29/2007 9:46 PM) : 

Actually that reminds me. I don't really like fair isle when it's all over itself, but I really like it when you have crossover where two colours meet like on your socks. They look great.

PS. F*ck those other Entrelac socks. Did I just say that? Must be the day I'm having.


Blogger Batty said ... (5/30/2007 9:13 AM) : 

Your socks are purple deliciousness in sock form. Stunning.
The stitch markers really do look like body jewelry. Very cool.


Blogger OfTroy said ... (6/02/2007 11:52 AM) : 

Uhoh, you've done it now.

once you get color knitting, (be is 3 rows or 300, you get sucked in.

the little flower (i always see that design as a flore de leis) is an especially nice one.. amazing how just just a simple design, repeated, can be so pretty.

i did my first color work (and was not into frogging, (i had the front (good color work) and the back (all the mistakes) age 9, and have been a sucker for it since.

welcome to the color side of knitting.. one you've knit with color, you'll always want to!


Blogger carla said ... (7/19/2007 11:34 AM) : 

Are those Welsh Country Stockings I see? I love the color combo! I'm working on a knee-high variation (well, knitting and ripping, knitting and ripping) but my color choices were rather uninspired compared to yours -- grey and white.


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