Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Socks for a pirate

I finished Red Todd Kidd's socks. Twenty days ago. I'm totally lagging on the FO posting. I was mortified to discover that I was going to run out of the main color before completing the second sock but since my LYS was out of it and RTK didn't care I just finished it off with the grey. It makes me crazy but no one else cares so why should I? But I do care. Jebus help me, I care. I want that sock to match the first one and it galls me that it doesn't. Especially after having to rip out the tops with all the beautiful braiding and replace it with regular boring ribbing. Which is one of the reasons that I ran out of the MC yarn.


Pattern: St. Peter Port Stripes Socks from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush.

Yarn: Brown Sheep Company's "Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn" in Zane Grey (MC), Black Orchid (CC1), and Gunsmoke (CC2).

Needles: Takumi Clover size 1 DPNs (went up a size from the pattern to make a larger sock).

Adjustments: Well, I did the beautiful braid work at the top but couldn't get it loose enough to go ver RTK's foot so I had to tear it out and put some plain ribbing up there. Also I ran out of yarn, as I mentioned before, so if I did this again I'd get two balls of the MC.

What I hated: I wasn't crazy about carrying the colors up the back of the work, I think I'd ratehr weave in ends to prevent puckering. I also loathed the heel on these things. I'm not a fan of grafting so doing it once at the heel and again at the toe just made me mad. The heel for these is just show-offy and I don't like it. A standard heel is good enough for me plus, no seam under the foot that way.

What I loved: RTK likes them and has worn them several times, that makes me very happy. I do really like the yarn, many people find it splitty and I agree that the tweeded MC is, it also twists back on itself some which is annoying BUT I loved it anyway. Well worth it.

And that's what I did on my summer vacation. Whoa, De ja vu.

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Comments on "Socks for a pirate"


Blogger Bezzie said ... (3/21/2007 11:01 AM) : 

He didn't go for the peg leg huh? Darn. That would have been much easier--less heel to worry about.

All joking aside, they look good!


Blogger Magatha said ... (3/21/2007 5:48 PM) : 

I love those socks. You did well young Skywalker.

Or is it Molly Muldoon, pirate queen?


Blogger Rain said ... (3/22/2007 4:06 AM) : 

They look great and unless you let him walk round in jesus sandals and socks *shudders* then nobody will ever know about the toes. I think they're fab.


Blogger Denice said ... (3/22/2007 3:47 PM) : 

I like the socks. I'd be bothered having to use the grey, too, but if RTK likes them, I'd say keep them how they are. Any man sized socks are a feat, so I think they're perfect for RTK.


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