Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I made stuff. Lots of stuff.

My road trip dissolved into the ether of unrealized dreams. Alas, it was not to be.

So anyway, I actually do knit. In fact my lack of blogging has been because of a tremendous amount of knitting. As evidence I will now submit pictures of what I've been up to as well as a few pictures of FOs I hadn't gotten around to posting for some odd reason even though I finished them MONTHS ago. As always, click on the pictures for larger versions.

First up we have Unbiased done in Patons Soy Wool Stripes that was a gift for Irie for her graduation. I have made Unbiased twice before in sari silk and have yet to really perfect this pattern. I have intentions to line this for Irie at my earliest convenience which will be sometime around 2022 when Lola graduates from high school. Anywho, the vital stats: Patons SWS. Britany Birch needles in size 8. Pattern alterations: Only increased to 5.5 inches so I'd have a narrower deeper bag.

I actually did the whole purse in two days, in between casting off Entrelac's first sock and casting on the second.

Lastly, when you seem this up in the weird order that I did you actually get something that looks like a giant goofy bra for a minute.

Next up we have the Socks I'm knitting for Entrelac (Pattern from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush). I have finished the first one and am starting to panic that they don't fit so the sock you see here will be wining its way out to Texas for a fitting to ease my mind or make me cry depending on the outcome. At least it's cute, right? It's my first bit of Fair Isle type work and I'm in no hurry do do anything more ambitious. I'm very pleased with the way the first one has turned out and I'm hoping Entrelac really likes them when they're all done. She and I both live in the country's "No Sock Zone" but knitted socks are just too tempting.

I love contrasting toes, they make your feet look smaller.

And now the last two little projects I had been forgetting to post: Dashing and My So Called Scarf (which I have had bookmarked for years with nary the right yarn nor occasion) both out of Lorna's Laces Shepard Worsted in Mineshaft and both for my friend GK. I actually knit these up for him when he was going through a really hard time and had no heat in his house (he's in Pennsylvania). By the time I finished them it was spring and he had heat again. I've had these stuffed in a care package box that I keep forgetting to finish filling and mail. If only it were the thought that counted, eh?

The scarf was done on size 11 Britany birch needles and only one glaring error was made. I didn't fix it so if you feel like it you can stare until you find it, it'll be like a really uninteresting Where's Waldo picture only instead of a cute drawing you're searching for my failure! Who could deny the fun of that?

The wristies were done on Clover bamboo needles in size 7. I actually finished these up at the San Diego knitty meet up. Pomegranate has pics of them somewhere I think, I had forgotten my camera.

I apologize for the shitty photos. I know pics of FOs just lying about really suck but I have no model today, Iman didn't show up and they gave Tyra her own show and I just didn't feel like trying to track down Kate Moss or Fabio because she's annoying and he's always trying to take stuff from the shoots.

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Comments on "I made stuff. Lots of stuff."


Blogger Batty said ... (6/20/2007 5:20 AM) : 

OK, now I believe that you knit!

I love the bra thing. I think I want one in bigger, only I'd stop after the cups.


Blogger Elizabeth said ... (6/20/2007 8:15 PM) : 

Great stuff! I love the sock for Entrelac and the So-Called Scarf!

I don't think your photos are crappy! I think photos of object lying around are way better than bathroom mirror pics. Especially with some of the stuff people leave on their mirrors when they take those pics!!!


Anonymous Kathy said ... (6/21/2007 9:11 AM) : 

That's so great!!!
I'm trying to make that bag with some Kureyon that I have. It's too bad it's already seamed, because that would have been GREAT for Truth or Dare. I dare you to wear that as a bar AND your Grillz and Von's.
Alas. Too late.


Blogger Bad Amy said ... (6/22/2007 8:05 AM) : 

I love the wristlets in that yarn!


Blogger Rain said ... (6/25/2007 3:24 PM) : 

WOW, you really do knit! You've certainly been cranking them out recently. I love that bag, it's gorgeous.


Blogger Elspeth said ... (8/24/2007 3:37 PM) : 

I love that Unbiased. I have that yarn, I just may have to make it! (Of course then I would have to get my SWS out of hiding ;)


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