Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On a roll

Sometimes you hit your stride. I didn't think I'd finish my Christmas knitting letalone another project (however small). But here it is, another project. I whipped up this little sucker mostly yesterday. It's the Spiral Rib Bag from One Skein (it's not one of the patterns you can see on the viewable pages). Mine is knit up in some Colinette ribbon yarn (they show the color better than I can!) that I had no idea what I'd ever use it for. I had two substantial skeins of it at one point but gave the nice one away to an SP. So then I was left with this other skein of beautiful, expensive yarn I couldn't throw out but also couldn't untangle. After something like four hours one day (I had to lock the cat in the bathroom because she, having never done anything like it before, decided that the umbrella swift was her nemesis and that it had to be destroyed) managed to turn that tangled skein into three small balls. Then I was faced with what to do with them. For well over a year they've been in a box, almost a little bag, almost a small scarf, almost, almost, almost. Then I came across this pattern and thought, maybe.

As it turned out I couldn't get gague with it. The width was right but the rows were about half what they should be, or so I thought. So instead of doing the pattern 1 1/2 times I did it twice and enede up with a taller bag, go figure. I went crazy with the I-cord last night and ended up with a good 10 extra inches of that too. Good thing too, it still seems short to me.

All in all it's a nice little gift for someone when I'm unprepared later this month. I think it may actually go to Darth's Teacher at the end of this week. Though, Edina would like it. I have enough yarn left that I might be able to make a second one. If not, the bottom is knit last so I could use a different yarn for that or felt a disk to sew on or something. I should line it but you all know how I feel about sewing. Meh!

What next? Um... I'm thinking I'd like to try to knit a sweater for a friend of mine now that Knit Picks has a superwash available. I'm thinking Durrow which I'm totally in love with. I wonder if I have the staying power for a whole sweater. I seem to be getting better at finishing things but there's a Harry Potter scarf under my bed that says otherwise. The thought of trying to finish that makes me want to cry. Or throw up. Or both.

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Comments on "On a roll"


Blogger Bezzie said ... (12/13/2006 1:19 PM) : 

That turned out pretty cool! Great idea to keep it as an emegency gift.

If you only have one unfinished object on the needles that's better than most can say. But I'm the same way, unless you count the raincoat, I've never made anything with sleeves.


Blogger cpurl17 said ... (12/13/2006 1:40 PM) : 

I was gifted some Collinette Giotto and wasn't sure what to do with it--until now! Great idea!


Blogger Batty said ... (12/13/2006 4:45 PM) : 

Yes, knit Durrow! I've been eyeing that one myself. If DH weren't too... well-endowed around the middle to pull it off, I'd make him one too.

That's a great bag. I have a whole bunch of Colinette ribbon yarn, maybe I should be thinking bags instead of garments.


Blogger Zonda said ... (12/13/2006 7:31 PM) : 

Nice job! Great way to use up a skein you just don't know what to do with! Go for it!! Knit something with sleeves..hehe says someone whose only thing with sleeves (besides a baby bolero) doesn't fit her!! ;)


Blogger Bad Amy said ... (12/15/2006 4:47 PM) : 

I have a feeling your lucky SP may be making a bag very similar with her lovely Colinette ;)


Blogger Rain said ... (12/18/2006 5:39 AM) : 

That's cute. You're far too organised for this christmas malarkey, not only do you have all your gifts finished but you've had time for emergency ones too. I bow to your overlordness!


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