Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I'm not even halfway done with the scarf. My fingers were hurting yesterday and I could only manage about 12 rounds before I gave up. I'm going to throw myself into it today but the likelyhood of finishing is becoming ever slimmer.

I promise more interesting blogging next week. Promise.


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Blogger Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady said ... (11/16/2005 11:50 AM) : 

You sure you don't want to just shove it up the recipient's ass? Because, you know, were it me with the sore fingers the prospect of having my hands somewhere warm and moist while exacting revenge on that which made them that way would be too much to resist.

I'm just saying is all.


Blogger keohinani said ... (11/16/2005 5:06 PM) : 

whoa...somebody needs a manicure. i like manicures because the illegal alien girl that does my nails gives my hands and forearms a good massaging with the lotion before she puts on the polish. after that kind of treatment, i'm SO ready to get my knit on! i think it's funny that you can be an illegal alien and reside in the US; all it really means is that you can't vote. you can get a job. you can live in the US. you can get away with lots of stuff...until you get caught. you just can't vote.
where was i going with this? hmm...ah yes. don't burn yourself out over knitting a scarf. a harry potter scarf. the movie will still be there til the new year. it won't kill you to put it aside until the dvd comes out three months later.
btw, i'm standing in for that little devil on your shoulder. hehehe...


Blogger aurora said ... (11/17/2005 1:49 AM) : 

Seriously. Say you're doing it for December 1st, when the film comes out in Australia.

Hmmm, I think that you are owed big time for this one. Lots of love, or, failing that, chocolate. Or hand cream.


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