Monday, November 13, 2006

How much I hate crochet:

I hate it so much that even though I bought one of those comfort hooks and am becoming fairly proficiant, I'd rather attempt to make a doily than a granny square. Evidence of this is to the left. You see I've been hammering out those Bandwagon discloths, one after another, for the last couple weeks. I'm a distracted person with not much time to knit so thus far I've only done eight. When I started the ninth one I realized the colors I had chosen were too close (the blue you see there and another light veriagated blue) and thus the resulting dishcloth was stupid looking. I decided to try another pattern rather than go buy more yarn (hooray for my budget!) but was faced with the question of what pattern to try.

Well, when you have a good 18 balls of Sugar and Cream lying around you're bound to find at least one discloth pattern on a ball band. I found four: two knit (one ugly, one not), two crochet (one hideous, one granny square). I was then faced with a choice like unto Sophie's. Knit a doily discloth, something that looked hard and that I've never even attepmted anything like or crochet a granny square. The mere thought of crocheting a whole project nearly sent me into convultions so I cast on eight stitches and into the circle I went.

As you can see it went well. I was dang proud of that thing when I was done. I have to do a second one which doesn't exactly thrill me but it is a nice break from the Bandwagon cloths (they're like crack, I swear, you just can't put them down).

The funny thing is, when I looked at the finished one I realized that somewhere in storage I have a doily that is done in the same (albeit much finer) style. Beautifully knit in teeny-tiny laceweight cotton thread, it's a star pattern just like that with a fantastic edging that's all pointy. One of my exes had a grandmother who knit amazing lace and that "simple" doily was something that took her an afternoon of boredom. She gave it to me when I was first learning to knit because I was so amazed at the tiny needles she used to make it.

Anyway, I'm making progress on my Christmas knitting. Nine dishcloths down, seven to go (notice how the number grew?). I also have one pair of gloves and the Red Todd Kidd project which is likely to be back burnered since it's a time consuming one and I don't think I'll be able to start it in time. Sigh.

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Comments on "How much I hate crochet:"


Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (11/13/2006 1:48 PM) : 

Meh. Backburner him. He doesn't use his messenger bag. That black balls him for life as far as I'm concerned.


Blogger DomesticOverlord said ... (11/13/2006 2:07 PM) : 

I gave the messenger bag away. He can't use it now.

The thing is, I like him and I want to make him things but I don't think he'll like any of them.


Blogger Bezzie said ... (11/13/2006 2:35 PM) : 

Ha ha, I forgot about the messenger bag. Shit, now you've got me thinking twice about knitting for my husband for Cheapass Christmas.

I bow to your crocheting skills. I had to crochet and edge on a tank once and I nearly had an aneuersym.


Blogger Zonda said ... (11/13/2006 9:16 PM) : 

Nice job on the cloth! You are doing great! :)


Blogger bradyphrenia said ... (11/14/2006 9:09 AM) : 

how can you hate crochet? it's so much faster and easier than knitting.

though i'm with you on the granny squares. i hate making them and i hate that they look so...grannyish.


Blogger Rain said ... (11/15/2006 4:31 AM) : 

Ha ha. I made a full length coat from granny squares. I must be mad.

I love the dishcloth, it's so pretty. It must have made a welcome break from all the others. I admire your perseverance making the same thing over and over. They all look great.

Hmm, I can't think of anything for RTK.


Blogger keohinani said ... (11/16/2006 9:16 AM) : 

i get a tiara!?


Blogger Batty said ... (11/16/2006 4:53 PM) : 

I know how you feel. I'm trying to pick up crochet, and I can now crochet a square that comes out square. But it isn't as... satisfying.


Anonymous Melissa said ... (11/21/2006 8:03 PM) : 

Awww, poor crochet. So misunderstood. It's my native yarny-craft, I feel I must defend it. The trick is this: granny squares suck. Try something fun like amigurumi!


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