Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Shine on, Cheapass Christmas, shine on.

Craftster is like a sick obsession. Wallowing through all the crap people make out of other crap to find those rare few awesome ideas can lead to hours upon hours of feeling alternately elated, exasperated, inadaquate, and nauseous. Often at the same time. I spent an evening staring at craftster a couple weeks ago and was left with two revelations: #1 I needed a Dremel, #2 most of the people on cratster need to lay off the crack. In fact, so deep was this need for a Dremel that the next morning when I woke up the first thing I said to Red Todd Kidd was, "I need a Dremel." Now you may not know this (Sarcasm! sarcasm!) but RTK puts up with a lot. A LOT. I start all kinds of crazy projects and most never make it out of the planning stages letalone get finished. So of course he just laughed and we went on about our day.

I never did shut up about the Dremel. I talked about it non-stop for two days. Finally RTK gave in and bought it for me as an early Christmas present. He's the best, ain't he? I have so many projects lined up for that thing that I'm busting at the seams trying to contain myself until I've finished all my Christmas projects.

Now, aside from the desperate need for power tools I did spy something that turned out to be important. Some girl or other had made a tote bag out of a velvet painting. Not two days later as Darth and I are walking home from school there was a 2 1/2' x 5' velvet painting with a hole in the corner in someone's yard that had a sign stating: "Free". As you can see, Darth and I ripped that sucker right off its frame and took it home.

For those who don't know about this yet, my cousins and I do a gift exchange where you may only spend $10 and you must make your gift yourself. Behold the velvet purse (lined with a bedsheet) I made from the neighbors' discarded painting. Isn't it horrifying? I purchased a zipper, metal loops and ribbon. Thus far I have invested all of $4. PLease note the snakeprint on the ribbon. I assure you this was only because this was the only ribbon Wal-Mart had in the correct width. I'm thinking I may make a matching coin purse. Does cheapass Christmas get any better than this? I think not.

I've nearly finished a glove for the SIL, I'll show it to you once it's done. 11.5 discloths done, 4.5 to go. I volunteered a scarf for FIL but luckily I actually have one that's nearly done I can give him and no it's not the Harry Potter one. A cup warmer for SIL's boyfriend is in the works. A beaded badge holder necklace thing for mom too. I'm headed to the crazy house people! At least this year it seems like I may actually get everything done. Shouldn't there be some kind of prize for this? Wait, I think creating that purse made me inelligible for any kind of kudos. Oh well.

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Comments on "Shine on, Cheapass Christmas, shine on."


Blogger Bezzie said ... (11/28/2006 6:52 PM) : 

Hot damn that's a cool bag! I dig the snakeskin handles!
God, who would have thought I'd ever be upset that I can't be so lucky as to find a velvet painting in the trash?!


Anonymous cathy said ... (11/29/2006 6:53 AM) : 

The waterfall side of the painting is really pretty. The snakeskin handles are great.


Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (11/29/2006 1:25 PM) : 

That purse is cool as hell! Love it!

I have a dremel. I have all sorts of parts and pieces too. All I've ever used it for is to drills holes through corks to make Christmas ornaments. Meh. I need to bust that sucker out and use it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/01/2006 9:55 AM) : 

That's an awesome bag and great idea. Now, I shall pull my old Elvis picture out and see what I can do! ;-p

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Blogger Jacqui said ... (12/01/2006 1:31 PM) : 

Well how cool is that! In fact the pic looks like it's moving on my screen. Better lay off the coffee.


Blogger Zonda said ... (12/02/2006 2:04 PM) : 

I love that purse! Great job and great idea!

Go you on your knitted gifts!


Blogger Batty said ... (12/02/2006 5:40 PM) : 

I want that bag! It is so cool! I want it!


Blogger Penny Karma said ... (12/03/2006 4:22 PM) : 

I love you.

If I ever find a Velvet Elvis painting, I'm totally gonna do that.


Anonymous Anne said ... (12/04/2006 8:00 PM) : 

Goddamn, that's a hot bag. It gives me a girl boner.


Blogger Rain said ... (12/05/2006 3:47 PM) : 

That purse seriously rocks. What a fantastic find and brilliant way to use it.

I had to laugh - I did the dremel thing this time last year. I had a sudden urge to engrave things and it wouldn't go away. I made a shed load of runes by engraving pebbles and started engraving designs on glasses. Poor friends - they get some random gifts depending on my latest craze.


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