Monday, November 14, 2005

Hold everything!

Harry Potter comes out when?!? You see, I thought it was coming out in the middle of December, not Friday. I have completed exactly three pattern repeats out of 14 on the Harry Potter scarf. Everything will be on hold this week while I'm knitting like mad.

Quick edit to add the photo over there. I know it looks like four pattern repeats are completed but the first 27 rounds don't count, the pattern repeats start at the first yellow stripe.


Comments on "Hold everything!"


Blogger keohinani said ... (11/14/2005 10:34 AM) : 

while it has never occurred to me that an HP scarf would totally rock, i can't help but wonder how i would feel walking into a movie theatre wearing it...
good luck on finishing the scarf!
i'm so hyped about the movie coming out on friday!!!

qhotaslp: a new unit of measurement, characterized by a small quantity too insubstantial to merit mentioning in conversation for reasons other than gaining sympathy; as in "i've been so busy, i've done a qhotaslp of knitting this weekend!" word to ya mothuh.


Blogger aurora said ... (11/14/2005 12:24 PM) : 

Oh no! Your poor fingers finishing all of that! Good luck! And if you didn't finish it, then you listened to overseas people about when the movie came out...


Blogger Zonda said ... (11/14/2005 3:06 PM) : 

Girl, knit onward! I hope you get to finish it! Take care! Zknitter


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