Friday, November 04, 2005


So here's the start of the Harry Potter scarf. I've made it through a whopping ONE pattern repeat. This thing is ungodly boring. It doesn't helpthat I really don't care about Harry Potter. The worst part of all is that it's being made of the lowest quality of all acryilic yarns. Actually that's not entirely true, the yellow is a different brand that I actually like but the burgandy is itchy and awful. I covered the labels in the pic I uploaded to protect those with delicate sensibilities.

Funny story about this picture. Or rather, painful accident story about this picture. Just after I took this I took a step backward and tripped over an armchair. It's not like it moved or anything, I knew it was there, I was just out of it. Since my hands were tangled it the camera strap I fell flat on my back. Like a very short tree being chopped down. As soon as I hit the ground both of the kids came running over... to jump on me.

So my back hurts now. Especially the spot where the fat seam in my cheap-ass Walmart jeans bruised me.

I have finally come to terms with the fact that I will not be able to knit either Elizabeth I scarf before Christmas. I'm really sad about this because I really think both intended recipiants would have really liked them. I guess there's always next year, it's not like yarn goes bad.

I do have some good news though, my mom decided she'd rather give a Bubby to Erin and Lauren instead of a sheep and a llama. A Bubby takes me two days, the llamas and sheep take at least three.

In all honesty I'm in a total knitting funk. I don't want to knit ANY of the things I should be working on. I want a new project. I want something I get to keep. To date I have only made myself ONE thing. Ever. My felted boots. That's it. I want a Lady Elanore Entrelac Stole (I keep gazing longingly at it in my copy of Scarf Style)! I want a Greek Pullover! I want something made out of Andean Treasure! I want hats! I want toknit whatever I want and not have any deadlines!!!

I was looking through Loop-d-Loop the other day. Why? Why must I look in pattern books. I should know by now there will ALWAYS be something I want? Now I need that book and a HUGE yarn budget.

Knit Pixie changed their name to Kpixie, I'm sure you've heard, until I found out about this I had never visited their site. Now there's a bunch of stuff on there I want. Like this headwrap thing. When would I EVER wear that? Never that's when. But I've gone and gawked at it several times over the last couple days. Just like this hat by the same designer. Baby Girldoesn't need that. Plus it looks like a pain to make. But it's SO cuuuuute! I also found a sweater I think Red Todd Kidd might actually wear and like. The thing is it would cost a fortune to make but since it's hempit would last forever. It would also take forever to make. Damn you Kpixie!

(I'm screaming this in a Shatner, Wrath of Khan kind of way:) KPIXIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


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Blogger keohinani said ... (11/04/2005 5:22 PM) : 

you know, i'm with you on the whole knitting for others thing. i think it's the deadline pressure. i don't work well with deadlines. yuck!
and i'd rather knit stuff for myself because at least i don't feel pressured to make it perfect.
i'm sucked up into this vicious cycle where i'll start knitting something and say it's for me, then realize i don't know if i'd want to keep it because i'd know where i made all kinds of mistakes, then resolve to give it away and feel happy about that, then feel a little regretful that i'm giving it away, then feel happy that after i gave it away the person really liked it, then promise myself i'll make myself one just like it...then find a new project.
oh yah, and kpixie? over half my stash is from them. sucker me every time i look on their website. must be those true color lamps...i dread ever having to explain my yarn purchases when i get married, so i'm hoping the guy will be really understanding or really rich. ;)

WVOTD: bfkson...hmm. i won't go there.


Blogger aurora said ... (11/05/2005 7:16 PM) : 

*zap brannigan voice* The Greek Pullover is good. Lots of stocking stitch, so you can watch tv at the same time. You need one.

Kids are so sympathetic, aren't they?


Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (11/17/2005 11:01 AM) : 

The mystery yarn you're using looks like the exact same yarns I picked out. heh. Don't feel bad. God knows I don't.


Blogger JustApril said ... (11/19/2005 11:08 AM) : 

I used to yell "KHAAAAAAN!" so much that it was one of my baby's first words. :-B ahahahaha


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