Thursday, May 18, 2006

Too many appendages!

(As always, you can click on the pictures for larger views. This is especially helpful for the close up of the wings and stinger.)
The ever versatile Kate pattern has yeilded yet another interesting toy at my house: a bumble bee. The main thing I learned from this experience is that insects have too many appendages and I won't be doing that again. I mean, finishing sucks why would I want to add MORE things to sew on? I suppose we all know the answer to that: the extreme cuteness!

I intended to give this to Miss Beans for her birthday but when I finished it I set it down and Darth gave it to her. He was trying to be nice which was especially sweet since he's got the chicken pox right now(yes he had the vaccine and I'm gld because his case is WAY mild because of it), so I didn't have a fit about it. In any case she seems to like it so who cares if she got it a week early, right?

Okay by now you're wondering what yarn I used and what changes I made right? Here's the scoop:

-Caron Simply Soft in Black and Caron Simply Soft Brites in Lemonade (I made a Tychus with the same two skeins of yarn and there's STILL leftovers enough for at least one more Kate).
-Clover bamboo DPNs in size 7US, if I did another I'd even go down one more size to make the fabric that much tighter.
-For the stinger and antennae you'll also need some size 3US needles.
-No changes to the basic body of the pattern other than not doing as many colors in the stripes.
-The legs and arms are also done as the pattern calls for with the exception of the stripes on the arms and the fact that there's two extra arms to make.
-The antennae are done by doing a simple I-cord. With size 3 needles cast on 3 sts, knit across. *Slide sts to other end of needle, pull yarn tightly across the back and knit across. Repeat from *8 more times. On next row set up as before but k into fron and back of each st. Break yarn and using a large needle thread end through the sts and pull tightly. Secure as you se fit. I threaded the yarn down through the antenna and used it plus the cast on strand to secure it to the head of the toy.
-For the stinger cast on 8 sts over 3 needles (use your size 3s again!), join to knit in the round and k 2 rnds. (On the next rnd dec 1 st at beg of 1st needle, knit to end of rnd. K 1 rnd plain. Next rnd K to second needle, dec 1 st at beg of second needle K to end of rnd.) K one rnd plain. Next rnd K to third needle dec 1 st at beg of third needle. K one round plain. Repeat section in ( ). When you have 5sts you can put them on 1 needle like I-cord if you like. When you get to the last 3 sts slip 1, K2tog, psso. Break yarn and slip end though loop and pull tight to finish it should create a nice point. You can weave the end through the stinger as for the antennae. Stuff the stuinger with a bit of stuffing to help keep its shape. I used my size 7 needle to get the stuffing down into the point.
-For the wings cast on 14sts and join to knit in the round. K 2 rnds plain. On the next rnd *inc 1 sts, k7 repeat from *. Knit one rnd plain. Next rnd *inc 1 sts, k8 repeat from *. K 4 rnds plain. On next rnd K2tog around. Break yarn and thread through sts, pull tight and secure. Flatten out wings with the incs on edges. Using your contrasting yarn sew the wings flat. I also secured the wings to each other before sewing them onto the body but that's up to you.

If you have any trouble with my directions feel free to contact me or make up your own!

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Comments on "Too many appendages!"


Blogger lkmanitou said ... (5/18/2006 11:23 AM) : 

OMG! How absolutely adorable :D I love seeing all the modified Kate's, too cute!


Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (5/18/2006 11:24 AM) : 

That's awesome! Your Kate hybrids are wonderful.


Blogger Annie said ... (5/18/2006 11:48 AM) : 

Ha ha! very cute! yay!


Blogger Rain said ... (5/18/2006 1:14 PM) : 

Oh my, I can't decide if I like the bee or the alien best, they're both fantastic.

I see Miss Beans is more than taken with it and I can see why, it's too cute for words.

I hope Darth feels better soon - what a sweetie.


Blogger Trillian42 said ... (5/18/2006 2:04 PM) : 

So cute! I love how adaptable Kate is.

And goodness, Lola Beans is quite taken with the little bugger, isn't she?


Blogger Zonda said ... (5/18/2006 8:04 PM) : 

Awesome job! Great creativity! :)


Blogger Bezzie said ... (5/19/2006 7:25 AM) : 

Too freaking cute (both the bee and Miss Beans!)


Blogger Brittany said ... (5/20/2006 10:02 AM) : 

Oh lordy Miss Beans is adorable! She looks like she loves it.


Blogger Sarah said ... (5/23/2006 8:26 AM) : 

The Kate Bee is so friggin cute.

You and the cute Kates!

Your dauughter is so cute with the bee too!



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