Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's my birthday.

Yep. I'm 26 today. Yawn. This is one of the more boring birthdays I can recall. Nothing going on. Not going out to celebrate. Nothing exciting happening. Just me, home with the kids like any other day. Oh wait, it is laundry day. Yippeeeeee!


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Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (4/12/2006 1:20 PM) : 

You're only 26? Damn. Now I feel old. *sigh*

Happy Birthday though! I hope you get your camera in today!


Blogger kristen said ... (4/12/2006 1:29 PM) : 

laundry is EXPRESSLY forbidden on birthdays!

Have a very happy (laundryless) 26th birthday! I also remember reading this awhile ago and it made me laugh so have a birthday laugh and look forward to the free light beer if nothing else :)


Blogger Peatbogfaery said ... (4/12/2006 1:30 PM) : 

Happy Birthday, flower!


Blogger bradyphrenia said ... (4/12/2006 1:30 PM) : 

Happy Birthday!

want to join me in being a turning-26-in-2006-Sara[h] aka: The Quarter-Life Crisis...Cont???


Blogger Rain said ... (4/12/2006 3:39 PM) : 

Don't you dare do that laundry today!


Blogger Zonda said ... (4/12/2006 8:43 PM) : feel old! LOL! Geesh...Have a great day...try not to do the laundry...take a breather...knit something other than crumpets :)


Blogger Poops said ... (4/13/2006 7:47 AM) : 

Happy Birthday to the great Domestic Overlord!

Mine was the 11th, but I'm older than you...*sigh*


Blogger weaselrina said ... (4/13/2006 10:31 AM) : 

26?! Wow.. I remember 26, helluva year! Have a wonderufl birthday week!


Blogger Stickbloggen said ... (4/13/2006 11:56 PM) : 

Happy Birthday all the way from Sweden, Scandinavia!


Blogger Sara said ... (4/14/2006 9:38 AM) : 

Must be something that happens with Sara[s]... my 29th this year was rather boring, too.


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