Monday, May 08, 2006

One sock down, bi-atch!

One Jaywalker is done and the second is on the needles. I should be working on it now but I haven't posted in over a week!

In my absence I've made progress on Crumbs as well, I'm in the skirt now and though it's slow going, it is going. Small favors, blah blah.

Okay I have to get a move on but Ill post something witty and worthwile tomorrow. Okay I can't make those promises but something will get posted tomorrow.

And coming soon: The Fourteen Feet of Fug takes a trip...

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Comments on "One sock down, bi-atch!"


Blogger Rain said ... (5/09/2006 1:11 AM) : 

Uh-oh, you really shouldn't be encouraging the fug. If I dig mine out you'll all cry - laughing.

Sounds like Crumbs is really coming along. Just think how pretty she'll look in it.


Blogger weaselrina said ... (5/09/2006 9:57 AM) : 

I'm almost done with my first jaywalker myself. Tis a little tight but it seems to stretch more than rumored.


BTW I nearly never comment on the word verification word.. but todays is "mohfro" which amuses me.


Blogger Bezzie said ... (5/09/2006 12:12 PM) : 

Woo hoo!!! 14 ft of fug!!! I can't wait!!!!


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