Thursday, September 28, 2006

Voodoo is the best medicine

I know this really great lady. She got laid off this week because her company is full of agist, sexist assholes. I sent her the care package you see on the left there. I feel that nothing can bring joy to your heart so much as an effigy of a person that wronged you so that you might do unspeakable horrors to it in hopes that they die a slow painful death. Hey, the healing process is different for all of us, okay?

Anyway the pattern is Bad Juju from the anticraft and I truly hated this pattern. I will not make it again. I will however make more voodoo dolls because they amuse me. I will write my own pattern to do it though because, as I mentioned, I hated this pattern.

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Comments on "Voodoo is the best medicine"


Blogger Darwinia said ... (9/28/2006 1:39 PM) : 

You are a great friend, that is exactly what someone who was just abused by The Man needs. A little vengeance in knitting form and chocolate. Fantastic!


Blogger Bezzie said ... (9/28/2006 2:24 PM) : 

What a great care package. Chocolate and pins. In any other combination that might make mom confiscate the Halloween candy.

I didn't care much for the pattern either--the gusset holes left in the armpits and crotch were huge! Or maybe I'm just a crappy knitter!


Blogger DomesticOverlord said ... (9/28/2006 2:34 PM) : 

No, it wasn't just you. My issue with it was that the pattern wasn't written very well. It gave vague instruction and didn't give stitch counts in the way I'm used to. I also didn't like that it didn't look like anything until I was done with it, how can you tell if you're doing it right if it just looks like a blob?


Blogger roxy ^-o-^ said ... (9/28/2006 3:12 PM) : 

You're still a pimp *wink*

Really, in all seriousness it's wonderful how you're supporting your friend.




Blogger Rain said ... (9/29/2006 2:46 AM) : 

What a fantastic care package. I'm sure she'll love it.

I thought the pattern was written in an odd way too.

At least you finished it, despite it's accident with the wee one.


Blogger OldLadyPenPal said ... (10/04/2006 11:06 AM) : 

That's ultra cool! I bet it makes getting fired worthwhile!


Blogger firefly said ... (10/10/2006 6:51 AM) : 

That's so cool you did that for your friend! She's lucky to have your support.

I wish her the best. Maybe something much better will happen in her life now.



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