Monday, April 03, 2006

Bleach, camera, and Kates galore

Bleaching the KP yarn didn't do anything to it. It wasa bit lighter but not enough to justify the effort. I have given up on it and will put it in the box of shamefully unfinished things.

I'm getting a new camera! Yes , Red Todd Kid already ordered it and it should be here next week. Or this week. It will get here sometime. I'm totally stoked because the new camera will have a way shorter lag time so I can actually take pictures of my kids doing cute stuff intead of three seconds after they did some cute stuff. I'm also excited because then I can show you all pictures of my latest endevour.

I've been working on another Kate and it's definately NOT a cat. It's not even mammalian. Of course, it's not so out there as an alien but it's different, for sure. I think I may write up a whole section of Kate mods for you guys. I have some other ideas dancing in my brain. Not as cool as the Star Wars Kates (yoda here, Leia here) but I think mine are pretty cool.


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Blogger Rain said ... (4/04/2006 1:02 AM) : 

CBear's versions are great, but your blue alien is still my favourite. My Mum and I had a good giggle about his spa visit.

I saw this and thought of you

Regarding the yarn - YOU ROCK!


Blogger Rain said ... (4/04/2006 1:03 AM) : 

Bah! It cut off my link

that was just a .htm at the end.


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