Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hide the yarn, Sarah's on the loose.

Soooooo. I decided to make Crumpets for Lola Beans' birthday. Very cute. I thought to myself, hey, I have some DK weight yarn around here. Turns out it was KP Merino Style in Storm. Didn't much care for it for Miss Beans so I thought I'd over-dye it and make it sort of a verigated purple. Did I mention I've never dyed anything before? Well, inexperience has never stopped me from jumping into the wading pool head first before so I gathered up some Kool-Aid packets and went to town. It didn't go as I had hoped.

Then I decided I'd try something just for you, my readers. In the history of knitbloggers I have never heard of anyone trying to bleach a bad dye job and re-dye it (like I've done to my poor hair in the past). So I have four (yes four) skeins of Merino style sitting in a bleach soak in the sink as I type this. I'm afraid to go look at it's progress.

Okay, it's time, I'll keep you posted.

Edit: So far it doesn't look much different but it's wet. One of the skeins is a bit greenish now. The rest look a tad lighter but like I said, they're still wet. I don't know if it was the bleach or the fact that I rung them out (because I don't care that much anymore) but they did full slightly. I ran my fingers through them a bit and they're fine now. They're hanging in the garage to dry. I'm off to shop for back up yarn. Toodles.

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Comments on "Hide the yarn, Sarah's on the loose."


Blogger Rain said ... (3/31/2006 12:17 AM) : 

Ooops with the dyeing, hope it turns out ok.

The dress is so sweet and I'm sure once it's done that she'll look adorable in it.

When you said 'Yarn for Crumpets' on Knitty, well I thought you actually wanted crumpets. *Blushes*


Blogger merry said ... (4/10/2006 2:36 PM) : 

I've not dyed, but I do know that bleach can damage fibers. Ate holes in t-shirts I bleached!
Be careful!
I ADORE CRUMPETS! Its darling!
Good luck and post pictures!


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