Thursday, September 22, 2005

What to do, what to do?

It has been a week since I gave up on my design project and I haven't knit a stitch. I need to get out of my knit-funk and do SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

So I drew up plans for a little shrug for Lola Beans. Wendy of knit and tonic has an adorable shrug for her adorable girl but the sizes aren't right for my baby girl, she's still too small. I'd rather make up a whole new pattern than figure out how to resize another one so here I goo right off the deep end. The other thing is I know if I pick up sock yarn and size 2 needles I won't get far. I need something chunkier to get back in the groove. Something worsted. Something already in my stash...

On a related note, Lola pulled the needles out of the garish sock and reduced it to well, nothing really. She pulled it out past the heel turn and I can't bring myself to remake something so ugly. Eh. None of my projects are really going well lately. Let's review:

Satchel=short strap, wonky pockets, out of yarn.
Blaze=screwed up cables, frogged.
Garish socks=hella ugly and now hella nothing.
Design project=didn't felt right, became wall art.

I really want to do a clapotis but I don't think I have enough of the yarn I want to use plus I think now may not be the time to juggle all those stitch markers. And I don't have any stitch markers. Well, I guess I'm not doing that.

I've been toying with the idea of a bag knit from tailor's measuring tapes...

I have to do something but what? Do I restart Blaze? Do I try for a shrug for baby girl? Do I just run off screaming into the night, giving up knitting and starting a life of crocheted granny square afghans?

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Comments on "What to do, what to do?"


Blogger weaselrina said ... (9/22/2005 9:14 PM) : 

I think you first need to lock all your yarn in an airtight container till it learns who is boss.

Then take it out, forgive it, give it some love and make a shrug :)

Thanks for the banner compliments.. I love having my own, it feels.. .like me :)


Blogger keohinani said ... (9/23/2005 10:34 AM) : 

don't give up! you know, if you do start on clapotis, you might just be banging your head on the wall with all the repeats. but i say it'll be worth it if you do decide to do it. if you have rings or rubberbands, you can use those instead of stitch markers. or you can make some! they're really easy and fun to make.


Blogger bradyphrenia said ... (9/23/2005 1:31 PM) : 

oh god, don't resort to granny squares.

(and i say this as a once-young crocheter who made many granny squares while thinking to herself, "who the hell would want anything made from these???" i thought that's all there was. stupid hobby lobby)

anyway, i digress. usually when my projects go astray i revert to something quick and easy, to reinflate my ego.


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