Friday, September 16, 2005

Miracle on 5th Avenue

I've been putting off bra shopping for at least 6 months. I kept saying, "Oh, I'll lose some weight," or "Lola Beans is still nursing," or "We're too broke right now." All of that is true but the biggest reason has been that I HATE bra shopping. HATE it. I hate it more than shoe shopping. I hate shoe shopping more than jeans shopping and I hate jeans shopping more than the thought of going back to junior high school for a couple of years. I hate it.

Today I bit the bullet and went. I had to be at the mall anyway to shop for a birthday present plus the clasp broke on one of my three worn out bras (not the one where I acidentally put my finger through the lacy part on the side, or the itchy one, the last good one). So I may as well just go up to the bra section of some store and pretend like I'm going to try something on, right? No harm done.

I walked by Victoria's Secret twice. The nightmare lime green/pink/yellow/baby blue/orange bra and panty sets were too hideous for me to get past. Macy's? Nah, too expensive I've been buying $8 Wal-Mart nursing bras in the interem, I can't buy a bra at Macy's! I've got to take baby steps. Walk on by.

Finally I go into Mervyn's. Hell, they're even having a sale. There's no way I'll find one on sale, I think to myself knowing that if I even try on a bra it will either not fit or fit perfectly and be $45 and not on sale. I randomly grab 5 with pink tags (size D tags are pink at Mervyn's) I didn't even look at the band size since I had no hope of finding anything. Sure enough the first four don't fit. Too small, too big, too pointy, too weird. The last one, though, fits perfectly. It even comes in black.

No way, I think, It must be a fluke. Or it's expensive. So I go back out and find where I got it. I grab another and try it on. I now have one black and one white. They both fit. I look at the tags, $29.50. The first thing that comes to my mind is that that add up to $60 plus tax. That's a lot of money to just spend on myself. So I go back to the rack to see if they're on sale. Nope. I decide, hey screw it, I need bras and these fit. SO I go to the counter and they ring up for $20 each. Woo-hoo! It's a miracle!

So anyway, I have new bras. I'm sure you were dying to know that.

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Blogger keohinani said ... (9/16/2005 4:29 PM) : 

man, bra shopping....congrats on finding bras that fit! for less than $30, too! if it's not the price, it's the sizing that's a humbling experience. but at least it's not as bad as bathing suit shopping. shoe shopping is easy for me; i don't buy shoes i can't run in, and i tend to wear slippers half the time. jeans shopping is hard cuz apparently low-rise jeans nowadays are made for people whose hips are the same girth as their @$$. me no likey.
btw, i like your / my button. imma gank it from ya. thanks! :)


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