Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Don't judge me Jehovah's Witness guy!

Satchel is knitted and fulled. I ended up making further time consuming alterations to the pattern that blew up in my face. Ah the joys of being me.

I decided to knit the strap sideways and do an I-cord edging on it. It's too short. The pockets came out different sizes. After much pulling they're close to the same size. Close.

Red Todd Kidd has said that the size is "purse-ish" but that he likes it anyway. He lies. Lies like a rug. I was dreading this. Dreading that he'd be taking it to class and getting weird looks and then saying, "My wife made it," as he rolls his eyes and that Jehovah's Witness he's buddies with nods in sad sympathy.

Pictures to come. When I can finally get over the shame. So like, a couple hours or something. You know, or now.

I started some socks. They're hideous. I think the baby blue really sets off the garishness of the varigated yarn. If only you could see what these colors really look like. They're so much brighter in person. I don't know who they're for yet but I know they're not for me. I think it might be fun to give them to someone for a birthday or something just to see the reaction I get. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

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Comments on "Don't judge me Jehovah's Witness guy!"


Blogger keohinani said ... (9/08/2005 10:56 AM) : 

*tag* you're it. you've been tagged with a meme (whatever that is). questions are on my blog. have fun! & i like your blog. it's awesome :)


Blogger jpknits said ... (9/14/2005 5:35 PM) : 

Hot day blue and sunset
Each calm alone, each sizzles.
Knit the skies in socks.


Blogger Criosa said ... (9/20/2005 5:09 AM) : 

the socks aren't that bad. at any rate, I'm stealing the idea - I have not enough self-striping sock yarn in one colorway, and seeing these socks, I think adding a solid color foot would be grand.

back to your socks... I like the colors seperate, the combined effect would probably grow on me (or not). besides, no one sees the solid color unless you're wearing them with sandals or something. and if you're wearing pants and shoeless, than no one sees the tops. eh. food for thought.


Blogger Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady said ... (9/29/2005 9:34 AM) : 

Well, I frickin' love the damn things. But then again I'm all about obnoxiously bright and mismatched clothing.

Now, I just have to find some stupid sock yarn and steal your idea.


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