Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Four Truths and a Lie

It's blog game time! Here are four truths and a lie about me, see if you can guess the lie and you'll be 'it'. I'd like to point out that this is especially difficult considering I just did my 100 things about me list. I'm getting kinda sick of me...

1) I was a three time gold medalist in the Academic Decathlon in high school.

2) I would like to attend the University of Reno.

3) I think I might live to see the fall of civilization.

4) I bake cinnamon rolls from scratch.

5) I was once misquoted in a local newspaper leading to many nasty letters and phone calls.

Have at it!


Comments on "Four Truths and a Lie"


Blogger Terby said ... (9/21/2005 10:19 AM) : 

Cinnamon rolls - I'm betting you don't make them from scratch.


Blogger weaselrina said ... (9/21/2005 10:42 AM) : 

I'm betting you don't want to attend the U of Reno


Blogger bradyphrenia said ... (9/21/2005 10:57 AM) : 

i'll go for the newspaper quote.

btw, the word verification for this comment is "ifuuzcu." sorry, i thought it was funny.


Blogger Lizzi said ... (9/21/2005 12:09 PM) : 

I'm betting on the fall of civilization. I mean, it might end up being true, but I don't think you really think that.


Blogger darbyrose said ... (9/21/2005 1:10 PM) : 

Okay, I am going to choose the Gold Medals - not because I do not find you to be intelligent and witty, but because I think you lean more toward the drama.

But I really think it's the cinnamon rolls.


Blogger KnittyJayde said ... (9/21/2005 1:14 PM) : 

Hey, Weaselrina, of course she wants to attend UNR, that way she and I can hang out :>

I'm all for the newspaper quote...


Blogger DomesticOverlord said ... (9/21/2005 1:35 PM) : 

Wow, already?!? You girls ARE bored, lol.

1) Yes I was, in the Fine Arts category. I also earned a silver in Language & Literature one year.

2) They have a Basque studies program there that I'd like to attend.

3) I did say "might."

4) Indeed I do, I also bake my own bread, killer chocolate chip cookies, and there's a peanut butter cookie I make that everyone fights over the last one no matter how many they've had.

5) Come on guys, we all know that me being misquoted would never leadt to that, only my accurate quotes would cause a public outcry! So the winner is: bradyphrenia!


Blogger bradyphrenia said ... (9/21/2005 1:50 PM) : 

woohoo, i'm it!

um, i'll postpone adding mine til tomorrow. this game requires thinking and i get to go home in 11 minutes.


Blogger Criosa said ... (9/21/2005 3:58 PM) : 

aw, I'm too late. ah, well, I would have guessed wrong. I just wanted to say that I was also in AcaDec in HS and I got a 2nd & 1st in Fine Arts and a 2nd in Math my Senior year. w00t! go us!


Blogger Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady said ... (9/21/2005 9:15 PM) : 

Ok, I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing the misquote in the paper.

And...SCREW YOU for not telling me you had a blog. Make me track it down, damnit.

I can't decide where I want to be blog-wise. I've got my LJ and now I have one here too. I like this one because all my knitty friends are here and I can do pretty things with all the colors. Oooooh, pretty things...


Blogger Holly said ... (9/21/2005 9:49 PM) : 

I'll go for number 5.


Blogger bradyphrenia said ... (9/22/2005 5:56 AM) : 

yo yo yo, sorry for being slow.

tee hee. i'm all set up now over at my blog.


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