Thursday, September 08, 2005

Well shit, I'm "it".

I've been tagged (by Keohinani) in one of those blog game/chainletter/some kind of survey things. It's kinda awesome (in a Tiny House kind of way). I feel like an official blogger now.

Here goes:

Ten years ago: I was a brat. Through and through. I thought I was an artist, I thought I was a writer, I thought I was an actor, I thought I knew what I wanted from life, and I thought I'd always love my then boyfriend, we'll call him... uh... Commie. That's what everyone called him at the time. Ten years ago I didn't think I'd have kids someday. Ten years ago I thought I looked awesome in those shirts I got at the thrift store. Ten years ago I still secretly read Baby Sitter's Club books. Ten years ago I said dude way too much. Ten years ago I was an idiotic teenager.

Five years ago: Exactly five years ago I met the man I'm married to now. I confess, I didn't really notice him at first but that's okay because I think I came off as a slutty bitch to him anyway. Five years ago I didn't think I'd have kids anytime soon. Five years ago I was still dating that guy that ruined Japan for me, we'll call him Skunk, but at least I knew I didn't love him. Five years ago I had finished exactly three knitted projects and had been knitting for at least three years. Five years ago I still said dude way too much.

One year ago: I had just had my second child. One year ago I had just discovered knitty. One year ago I was so busy with a new baby that I can't really come up with anything else, dude.


Five snacks:
* M&Ms
* Cheeze-its
* Cracker Jacks (a recently rediscovered favorite)
* Oreos
* Chicken in a Biskit (the best crackers EVER)

Five songs I know all the words to:
* Possum Kingdom (Toadies)
* Me and Bobby McGee (Janis Joplin's version)
* Goodnight My Love (Benny Goodman Orchestra)
* Beyond the Sea (you all know this one)
* Generator (Bad Religion)

Five things I'd do with 100 million bucks
* Pay off all debts of my own and close family and friends, buy houses, do all that goody-goody crap, donations, altruistic whatever, blah blah blah.
* Fund archeological digs as long as I get to come along.
* Buy every damn knitting notion and piece of crafty crap I felt like and some for Erika too.
* Start my own theater company.
* Start my own museum. I think it would house some fine art, some textiles, and a lot of weird kitchy crap I found on my world travels. It'd have a ton of really strange stuff. Think Ripley's but with arts and crafts. I think I'd also have wandering performance artists or minstrels. Costumed ones. Rude costumed ones. It's be like my brain but in a builing.

Five places I'd run away to (in my first draft I wrote "rum away", typo?, I think not):
* Belize
* Greece
* New Zealand
* Oregon
* India

Five things I would never wear:
* Tapered jeans
* Socks with sandals
* A size 0 (or even a size 6)
* A vest
* This

Five tv shows:
* ER
* Gilmore Girls
* Rescue Me
* Battlestar Galactica
* Scrubs

Five joys:
* Baby Girl laughing
* Darth Vincent's costume obsession
* A quiet minute to myself
* Finishing a project
* A good meal with good company

Five things to do, just for me, before I die:
* Write a full length play and have it performed.
* See some pyramids, I don't care which, really.
* Learn another language or three.
* Procure, and proficiantly use, a spinning wheel... and perhaps a sheep to go with it.
* Learn to weave on a par with Aracne. Oh yeah, that'd be sweet.

Well now it's my turn to tag others. Uh... do I know five bloggers I could trouble with this? That haven't already been tagged?
* Erika
* peatbogfaery
* Deserta
* Sara
* Weaselrina


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Blogger weaselrina said ... (9/11/2005 10:53 AM) : 

Hey you,

Thanks for the tag! I feel very officially bloglike now :)


Blogger keohinani said ... (9/12/2005 2:20 AM) : 

haha...i wouldn't wear those hotpants overalls, either. but that doesn't mean i wouldn't knit it. but only if i was desperate and...and only if i was desperate.


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