Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I need a nap.

I haven't slept in four and a half years. It's starting to wear on me. More specifically Miss Beans hasn't slept past 3am in five days. Last night she was up at 1am. I get bitchy when I'm tired. Okay, okay, bitchier. That's a weird looking word. Eh, well, it's probobly not a word. I just don't know anymore because I'm sleep deprived like a POW.

I started the design proces for something for the knitty winter issue. I was so gung-ho. I was certain my design was fucking brilliant. It didn't work out. All I have now is 20 dollars worth of ruined Noro sitting on my kitchen table that I can't bring myself to throw out. And no, it can't be frogged.

Maybe I'll turn it into some kind of abstract wall hanging.

I've got a Knitpicks order coming today. I was going to use it for the thing I was designing for knitty. Now I have no design. I have six balls of various colors of Wool of the Andes coming and have no idea what to do with them. I gues I could knit them into rags to wipe off the stench of failure.

I need a nap.

I haven't really blogged much this week because I've been so tired and down. I have been leaving weird haikus in other peoples comments though. I don't think anyone has really noticed yet. Hey we all need hobbies.

Comments on "I need a nap."


Blogger Erika said ... (9/14/2005 1:39 PM) : 

Dude. I am so sad your design didn't work. I MOURN for it.


Blogger weaselrina said ... (9/14/2005 1:47 PM) : 

To borrow a haiku page from you..
and in the hope of cheering you up..

If you feel evil
Beat on someone deserving
you will feel better


Blogger keohinani said ... (9/14/2005 2:03 PM) : 

i've been trying to figure out something to design for knitty of late, it's still just a pipe dream. naps would be good. i wish work would give us nap time like in preschool. i could use a good nap right now.


Blogger mumblingmonkey said ... (9/14/2005 5:26 PM) : 

sorry you are tired
Sleep, then design something rad
Noro needs to burn.


Blogger kryorkill said ... (9/15/2005 10:05 AM) : 

I love your idea
to bombard all with haiku
I mimick you now


Blogger Red Todd Kidd said ... (9/15/2005 11:26 AM) : 

While yes this is for a post below I wanted to put it here in hopes that more would see it.

I DO like the bag she made. Granted it could've been bigger but as i told her numerous times as long as I could fit my binder and the couple of books I need a week that it would be fine. My only big problem that I have said numerous times is the strap. When we tested it for length it would've had the bag hanging at just above my hip and that would just make it look too much like a man-purse. She has threatened to scrap it and start over and while that her perrogative if she chooses to do so I have stated that all I want is a new longer strap.

I will admit that the skull and bones earned it a big fat sack of bonus points for style. Arrrgh.

nuf said


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