Sunday, August 21, 2005


For months, and I mean months, my son has been requesting a Darth Vader costume. Persistantly. I've been telling him we'd get him one for Halloween. I've been telling him that Kaylee would make him one. I've been telling him anything I could to make the begging stop.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't lie, we were going to make him the grandest Darth Vader costume to ever grace a three-year old's slender form. All our best intentions were befouled today by Costco. There it was, in all it's glory, the store-bought cheap nylon pajama type costume of Darth Vader.

It was in a neato cool box with a cape, and a belt, and a light saber, and a helmet. It was value priced at $25. I didn't stand a chance.

So my son is running around the house yelling, "I'm going to take over the world!" in a Darth Vader costume in the middle of August. It makes a mother proud.


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Blogger rincaro said ... (8/25/2005 4:53 PM) : 

I have an almost 6yo who is obsessed with Teen Titans. No red tee shirt is safe. He will find it, turn it inside out, grab a permanent marker and presto chango! It's a robin costume.


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