Friday, August 19, 2005

Internet, sweet internet.

Finally I have internet access again. It's been a horrible, hellish existance without it for these past weeks. Okay I'm exagerating but it did really suck. Lots.

So, stuff that's happened:
*We moved in with my parents while Eric goes to school.
*Darth is in school now, he loves it and is doing very well.
*Lola Beans has learned to walk and run and says a number of wors now.
*Both the kids are enjoying living in a place with a yard.
*I started and gave up on Blaze after getting about 8 inches in and finding a huge mistake 3 inches in. I'll go back to it but at the moment I don't have the heart to frog so much cabling, however simple it may be.
*I finished Fuzzy Tail's birthday present and will post pictures as soon as I've given it to her. It's awesome. It has an accessory all Firefly fans can appriciate as well...

Okay, I must be off but there's my breif update. As though anyone reads this.

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