Thursday, December 01, 2005

...and ride off in my time machine to victory.

Among the many things I did yesterday, I got a phone call from my friend Lucky. Lucky amuses me. Like a dancing monkey. If he read this he wouldn't even be offended because I'm pretty sure that's his goal. Anyway he was going on and on and I wasn't really paying attention when all the sudden I hear, "...and ride off in my time machine to victory." That's why I love Lucky, because he plots revenge in ways he can never achieve it but it still makes him feel vindicated. I think I'm supposed to help him get revenge on someone this weekend but since I wasn't paying to close attention to the conversation at that point (being knee deep in finishing Elizabeth) I'm not really sure. Suffice to say I'll call from jail and someone will post an interesting story on the blog on Monday.

So Elizabeth is finished. Well, except for the buttons because I haven't bought any yet. I never buy buttons for a knitted project until I'm done because I always get the wrong size. Of course there aren't any buttons in my button box that will do, they're all either white or blue. How does that happen?

Anyway, the yarn worked for the project but I can't say it was the best of choices. It was a bit too bulky so it was a little difficult to work with. Also my gauge was off just enough that I didn't notice until I got through two pattern repeats at the top and was where I should have been after three. I just left out the last repeat and the whole thing turned out fine. The only way to really tell is that mine has four buttonholes instead of five. Big deal.

I was also unable to get a good picture so you get two crappy pictures. The second one has more accurate color. I'll try to get my mom to model it for me later when she comes home.

Well, I'm off to get back to the Overalls of Shame!

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Comments on "...and ride off in my time machine to victory."


Blogger keohinani said ... (12/02/2005 2:54 PM) : 

i'm not sure how i feel about that pattern. i mean, it's not something i would wear. of course, the evaluation should not be on the content, but on the effectiveness of the piece, right? so....i'm gonna say it looks really warm! and i like the color. yeah.
quite a fan club you've got's neck and neck with you and contestant #15. :) way to campaign. ;P


Blogger Jerry & Maxy said ... (12/02/2005 6:46 PM) : 

Very elegant. And I do like the color - it looks lovely on you. I hope you find just the right buttons.


Blogger keohinani said ... (12/04/2005 12:02 PM) : 

congratulations on second place! please send sandee your contact information so she knows where to send your prize. Thanks for playing!


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