Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Motto

Lately my motto seems to be either "I quit" or "I'm almost halfway done." Seriously, look over at my progress bars there. Go ahead, I'll wait. Okay now that you're back, do you notice how many of them have changed into simpler projects or dissapeared entirely?

I threw the Garish Sock in the trash, by the way. I think that was the best place for it. What was left of the yarn that was usable went to my little brother's school in a big bag of craft donations.

Well, just had a lovely conversation with Red Todd Kidd. Why do people keep expecting things from me? I just dissapoint them. I think I need to get a bunch of t-shirts printed that say: "I finish nothing. Ever. The more important it is the less likely I am to finish it. The more you push on me the more I'll resent you and the less likey that I'll finish it. I won't finish it. Ever." Then I'll wear them everyday. That way I don't have to keep having conversations with people about finishing things, you know unless they've called and can't see the shirt.

I think that kinda changes the motto from before, eh? New motto: "I'm not going to finish it." Doesn't matter what "it" is, chances are it won't be done.

Oh, the self loathing. I'm so cheery and uplifting today. I think I need to go read Aloha and Oreos and come back. Keohinani always has some crazy antics that make me laugh. I'll be right back.

Hee-hee. She makes her yarn talk. Ahem.

Okay, here's the knitting part:

I called my sister last night and told her there was no way I was going to be able to finish the Harry Potter scarf by Friday. She wasn't mad or dissapointed which was a relief. I promised to have it done for her as soon as I could so she could still get some use out of it before it's 80 degrees out again. On a related note, I have decided that if I ever think it's a good idea to knit a seven foot scarf in the round again there will be an absolute MAXIMUM of 75 stitches, 90 is just stupid.

After talking to my sister I decided it was time to drag out Wavy (man did it feel lighter than air after the HPM-Harry Potter Monster). I could NOT figure out where I was in the pattern so I guessed and not only was I wrong but I didn't realize it for about 15-20 rows. So then I ripped back past where I started to the last place that I could be certain of, the end of the last pattern repeat, and started from there. An hour later I was back where I started. We'll see if I do any actual knitting on it today. Or on anything else, really. Why bother? I won't finish it.

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Blogger keohinani said ... (11/17/2005 11:28 AM) : 

awww, buck up, kiddo!
i believed 7' long scarves should be done on big needles with chunky/super bulky wool. i also told myself that if i couldn't finish a scarf, i could turn it into a neck warmer. that's how those were invented, you know; people didn't want to put themselves through 7' of repeats. i also had that same problem with the wavy scarf; it's even easier to lose your place on size 4's. bleh...
knitting is some subtle yet sick, twisted sado-masochist game...grrr...
you know, i've got tons of UFO's lying around. for some, i forgot where i was in the pattern. some, i took the needles out because i wanted to start something else. others, i used the yarn for something else i wasn't supposed to. and still others, i completely lost interest in the project altogether and hid it where i wouldn't see it; out of sight, out of mind. i don't let it bother me, though.
the pressure of actually doing something to completion sucks. i much more likely to begin a new project with new yarn than finish an outstanding project.
but do what you love & love what you do, and try not to think about them with deadlines.


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