Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Crappily we roll along.

My brother's wombat had to be one section of a totem pole. I think it turned out alright. He was amazed at all the craft stuff I had. I was kind of amazed too. I need to get rid of some crap.

I think I'm going to start a new project today. One I don't alreay hate. Maybe a nice quick easy hat. Something to get me going again. Something that's not a Harry Potter scarf. I wish I had something good in my stash. Sigh.

Things continue to suck around here. Some really bad things have been going down lately that I can't really discuss. Sufice to say that my dad's business parter is a thief and we'll be suffering the consequences. (For those that don't know, my husband, my kids, and I are living with my parents while my husband finishes school. He's gone from 7am to 10-11pm everyday and I needed some help.)

Hey look at the cute kids! Aren't they sweet?

They're dancing. Okay, I'm off to find a project. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it I think.

One more thing, if you haven't checked out Aloha and Oreos you should. My little Hawaian knit-blogging, wrestling, ice-cream-loving, two-sock-at-once-knitting friend is hilarious and everyone should read her blog.

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Blogger keohinani said ... (11/08/2005 11:35 AM) : 

awww, i'm sorry to hear stuff on the home front's rough these days! jeez, sleazy people suck! that's something some ice cream won't solve...unless you drown them in a vat of it, but that would be a waste of perfectly good ice cream.
your kiddies are adorable :) always love pics of kiddies in random acts of cuteness.
good luck on finding a project! you've seen that amelia earhart hat thing? i think you mentioned it when you made the princess leia hat. it's so cool!!! it's on my list of things to do...but maybe you could do that?
and thanks for the love on your page :) you're too cool.


Blogger Terby said ... (11/08/2005 5:06 PM) : 

Sorry life is kind of sucking right now. I hope things start looking up for you soon, and you find a pleasant distractor too.


Blogger aurora said ... (11/09/2005 1:04 PM) : 

I love the wombat. It's really gorgeous.

Hope that things get better! Which project have you picked?


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