Thursday, December 08, 2005

Things I want to say.

Everything's Not Lost -Coldplay

When I counted up my demons.
Saw there was one for everyday,
With the good ones on my shoulder,
I drove the other ones away.

If you ever feel neglected,
If you think all is lost,
I’ll be counting up my demons, yeah,
Hoping everything’s not lost.

When you thought that it was over,
You could feel it all around,
Everybody’s out to get you,
Don’t you let it drag you down.

'Cause if you eve feel neglected,
If you think that all is lost,
I’ll be counting up my demons, yeah,
Hoping everything's not lost.

Life is for Living -Coldplay

Now I never meant
To do you wrong
That’s what I came here to say

But if I was wrong
Then I’m sorry
I don’t let it stand in our way

As my head just aches
When I think of
The things that I shouldn’t have done

But, life is for living
We all know
And I don’t wanna live it alone

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Blogger keohinani said ... (12/08/2005 9:50 AM) : 

sucky thing about having fall outs with friends. i lost my ex bf that way. we were still friends after we broke up, but stuff happened and we're dead to each other now. really sad...we dated for three years and were really close for the two years after until the end. still trying to build a bridge and get over that one.
but it's a good thing you have a great SP to help you get through that. she sent you a great great package! wow! talk about mother lode!
i don't think i've ever scared anyone away. iv'e had too many encounters with pervs and weirdos...way too many. i must look too approachable...? maybe i should carry my needles around more menacingly when i go to the bookstore? sharpen them a bit and accidently cut someone with them to make a point? idk.


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