Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I haven't had the best of weeks. I had a falling out with an old friend and have been torturing myself about it ever since. Oh you know you do it too. "Twist the knife," as Red Todd Kidd likes to say. You know, you go and watch all the movies that remind you of them, listen to the songs you know they like, read old letters or emails. It's just something I have to do before I can let go and move on, catharsis the Greeks would say. Don't worry though, this post gets much better in a sec.

On Monday I took my ailing children to the doctor's office and when I arrived home I had a note from the mailman saying he tried to deliver an insured package (because it was the two hours out of the ENTIRE WEEK that I would be gone) and that it would be redelivered or I could pick it up at the distribution center. HA! Yeah I can really imagine going to the distribution center in Otay in December NO THANK YOU. So I waited for the box to be redelivered on Tuesday. No package. What the hell? I decide to chase down the mailman. So when he comes back down the street in the other direction I stop him. Never mind that It's 3:00 and I'm still wearing pajamas. Never mind that said pajamas are covered in baby snot from the aforementioned ailing children. I stop that guy in the middle of crossing the street and ask:

"Do you have my package? I got a note yesterday."
"Oh do you want me to deliver it?"
"Uh... Yeah."
"It was insured."
"I need the card back if you want me to deliver it."
"I'll go get it."
I go and get the card.
"Here you go."
"So then you want me to deliver it?"
"Yes. Please. I don't want to go to Otay and get it."
"Okay but it's insured."

I was so baffled by this conversation that I wasn't even rude. Like I would decide I didn't want something because it was insured and I missed it the first time. Our mailman is an okay guy but man alive, that is one flickering bulb. Anyway...

I got my AMAZING haul from my Secret Pal who turned out to be punkrawker86! She totally gave me a huge hint by sending mixed CDs in both packs but for someone who can figure out the ending of Law&Order in the first 5 minutes of the show I was way more than slow on the draw. So my bulb fickers from time to time too. Now I feel all judgemental. Eh, I'll get over it.

So here's the break down of haul:
-A box of Cheeze-its
-A bag of Oreos (all mine keohinani!)
-Three packets of Kool-Aid
-A very groovy tiny candle in a jar (it's the red feathery thing)
-Bryspun DPNs, the short kind you use for gloves and such
-AN ADDI TURBO! (My first one!)
-A teeny weeny circ for god knows what but I'll find out!
-Tim Burton's Garden of Nightmares
-A fridge magnent that looks like Frankenstien's monster with the explaination that she couldn't find a zombie-lol
-A mixed CD (That's pretty awesome BTW, great job!)
-Four balls or partial balls of Fun Fur for the Overalls of Shame
And my two favorite parts:
-NINE BALLS OF ANDEAN SILK!!! In cranberry. Oh do I have just the project for those...
-SheMADE me the most beautiful knitting bag!

Do you see it there? She MADE it! With a matching little bag for notions. She MADE it! Just for me. In her note she said she was sorry that she couldn't afford to buy me one so she made me one. punkrawker86, you couldn't have bought a bag like this. I love it. It's totally unique. The fabric is fantastic. I love the colors. I'm just floored. I feel so special! I've even done something that I've never done in my life. I named it. Yes that's right, I named the bag. It's name is Mao Yin which to fully understand would require me rehashing a LOT of personal trauma so suffice to say the bag is helping me to get over some stuff as well. Thank you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU! It's awesome.


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Blogger rincaro said ... (12/08/2005 6:34 PM) : 

Yay for good sps! And as for the drama - bummer. I suggest froofy girly drinks along with christmas goodies that someone else made for you.


Blogger Zonda said ... (12/08/2005 7:07 PM) : 

Great stuff! That bag is way cool! Can't wait to see them overalls! Take care! Zknitter


Blogger Rain said ... (12/09/2005 1:14 AM) : 

Wow, what a beautiful bag!


Blogger mf said ... (1/19/2006 7:13 PM) : 

Great bag! What an AWESOME SP and the adrean yarn YUM! ohh so envy you madam!


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