Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Sarah needs"

Google "Sarah needs" in quotes and this is what you get. Try it with your own name, it's fun.

Sarah needs to feel peaceful, and also to feel equal to (or better than) everyone else. Ha! Ain't that the truth!
Sarah Needs to Vent. And she does, endlessly.
Sarah needs a team of committed people to pray for her and her ministry. Yeah, uh, you do that.
Sarah needs no explanation. And she won't give one!
Sarah needs to lighten up. That's what my husband would say.
Sarah needs to be an only dog and probably no small children. Wait, what?
Sarah needs Nat and her computing skills to survive and find whatever she needs to keep ahead of her faceless pursuers. I'm being persued? Oh no!
Sarah needs to figure out what happened in her house before her family moved there. And now I'm haunted too?
Sarah needs cheerleading. I do NOT!
Sarah needs to have a stake put through her heart. Only if you catch me cheerleading.
Sarah needs more risk in her life. I'm already being persued, what more do you want?
Sarah needs to use her voice a little more. HA!
Sarah needs to come to grip with the fact that she's not a very attractive person. Hey!
Sarah needs more cash, cuz killing terrorists is expensive work. Shh, don't let my secret out!
Sarah needs to be put away to keep other people safe from her. Yeah, like terrorists.
Sarah needs to tear down the walls she’s built up between herself and God and to open her eyes to the Lord’s relentless pursuit of her. So, God is persuing me? Wow, he's gonna be hard to get away from. I get how my persuers are faceless now but how many gods are after me? Crap, a whole pantheon? What did I do? Oh yeah, the terrorists. I thought I was doing good! Don't hold it against me!
Sarah needs to talk to you about another one of your inventions. Which invention? Why do I need to talk about it? Is it cool? Does it suck? Will it help me kill terrorists or get away from The Pantheon?
Sarah needs a series of videos devoted entirely to her. I have a feeling this was probably dirty.
Sarah needs a special talisman to defeat the Silver Wraith. And the terrorists. And the pantheon of gods that persue me facelessly and relentlessly.

This was hard because I kept getting other peoples lists from their blogs. After much time and considerable effort I have put together a list I believe is truly original. Until tommorrow when some other Sarah doesn't check her work and includes all my stuff in her list. Oh well.


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Blogger bradyphrenia said ... (10/21/2005 9:57 AM) : 

omg, that's hysterical. i've seen these everywhere in the past week, but i'm willing to say that yours is the certainly the most entertaining. *hands off trophy*


Blogger Sourire11 said ... (10/21/2005 11:53 AM) : 

Wow. Great job with that! How fun!!! I was seriously laughing out loud, at my desk, at work... oops.


Blogger KnitNana said ... (11/01/2005 3:01 PM) : 

ROFLOL!!! Glad I wasn't at work! Another Sarah...well, I won't try that one...ummm..honey you go right on killing the terrorists, okay?


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