Tuesday, October 18, 2005


The Leia Costume
The Leia dress is all but finnished and relativley without incident. The first one was too smal so I just threw it on top of the remaining fabric and cut around it. All that's left to do on it is the hood and the belt. I'm not sure how to do the belt so I'll probably do it at the last minute and it will look terrible. I added leather soles to the boots. Lola Beans is wearing them now since it's cold out.

The Weather
It was raining so hard a little while ago that you couldn't see across the street. Weird.

The Dentist
When I went in yesterday he told me that what is causing my pain is one of ther following things:
a) The tooth he put a major filling in really needs a root canal, this was always a possibility or
b) My TMJ has been aggrivated by all the dental work (holding my mouth open super wide for so long, and then clenched tightly closed when I sleep) or
c) A combination of a and b
Delightful. The solution to this is to either have a root canal or get an orthotic and see if either of those help. So I get to go have a(nother) root canal today because I'll get instant results with that. Then we can talk price on an orthotic. I cannot afford this. Literally, I can't. I may have to pull my son out of preschool because his tuition is exactly the amount that the monthly dental bill is going to be after the root canal today.

In Other Knitting
I have started a Bubby for Darth for his birthday out of the leftover Andean Treasure from the Leia hat.
I have made little or no progress on Wavy.
I pulled Elizabeth I off the needles.
I put the Garish Sock on stitch holders so I could use my size 3s for Bubby.
I will be starting some felted boots for Darth for his birthday. He requested red ones. It gets mighty cold here when you can't afford to turn on the heat so I'm happy to oblige him.

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Blogger keohinani said ... (10/19/2005 10:45 AM) : 

ahaha, i love how you see the progression of the little leia doll from being played with to being eaten!
man, dental work is the pits, isn't it? and i thought teeth were supposed to be the hardest bones in your body or something...??
anyways, congrats on finishing the costume! can't wait to see it!


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