Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New blog game, thought I'd give it a spin.

Here's the game -Do a Google image search of the following and post the first (or favorite) result for each:
*The name of the town where you were born- San Diego (first image)
*The name of the town where you live now- San Diego (Third image, for some reason it's "Portland's favorite man in a dress")
*Your name- Sarah Sisson (maiden name) yeilded the best image
*Your grandmother's name- Sally
*Your favorite food- Mexican food (this one's great, I have NO idea how it came up in the search)
*Your favorite drink- Coke
*Your favorite song- I don't know so I searched "I don't know"
*Your favorite smell- Mmmmmm


Comments on "New blog game, thought I'd give it a spin."


Blogger Sourire11 said ... (10/19/2005 1:56 PM) : 

Ok the mexican food search made me laugh out loud.


Blogger aurora said ... (10/21/2005 4:18 AM) : 

The pope. And mexican food. With no food. Hunh?


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