Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bet you never thought you'd see the day

Satchel is finished and photgraphed. I started it in September and today, February 28, it's on the blog. One day before Red Todd Kidd's and my anniversary. Oh yeah, I'm good.

I do like this pattern because it lends itself well to adaptation. YOu see I added and I-cord edging to the strap (pain in my ass! had to do it TWICE!) because it just didn't look finished without it. I also added that skull and cross bones intarsia to the pocket. My first intarsia and oh, does it show.

Things I like about this pattern:
-very simple
-no side seams
-looks finished and nice
can be adapted easily

Things I don't like about this pattern:
-knitting from two balls of yarn at the same time is annoying especially if you have kids and have to get up frequently
-the strap didn't look right with the rest of the design

Changes I'd make if I did this again include:
-an adjustable strap involving a belt buckle or something
-sewing machine finishing, none of this hand sewing business
-longer flap closure so the pockets don't show
-a yarn that's not so hairy (I used Cascade 220 for the grey same as the pattern called for and Cascade Eco Wool for the black trim), I don't know whether to put books in this thing or stuff it and give it to the kids to hug

(The last photo has the most correct color)

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Comments on "Bet you never thought you'd see the day"


Blogger Areli said ... (2/28/2006 12:45 PM) : 

Your bag turned out really nice, I like the skull touch.

I've been thinking about making this one for my husband, so it's nice to see how well yours turned out.


Blogger Rachel said ... (2/28/2006 12:59 PM) : 

That looks great! Very professional and, as you say, "finished." I hope it gets lots of use!


Blogger Rain said ... (2/28/2006 3:51 PM) : 

Woohoo! You got it done.

It looks fab, I love it. The skull detail on the pocket rocks. The i-cord finishes it off really well.


Blogger Zonda said ... (2/28/2006 7:23 PM) : 

AWESOME! You finally finished and it looks good regardless of what you say ;)

What's next?? hehe


Blogger darbyrose said ... (2/28/2006 8:07 PM) : 

It's about dang time! I was sooo sick of seeing that progress bar stuck at 95%.

The polite version:
Good for you! It feels good to cross things off the List, doesn't it?

Choose whichever one you are in the mood for.;-)

Really though, nice work. I like the I cord edging, very professional touch.



Blogger Annie said ... (3/01/2006 6:33 AM) : 

Great bag! I also really like the skull.


Blogger Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady said ... (3/01/2006 10:27 AM) : 

I think it looks fantastic!


Blogger peri said ... (3/02/2006 7:31 AM) : 

Very impressed - love the addition of the skull and the black icord edging finishes it beautifully.


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