Thursday, February 09, 2006

SP 6 is underway

It's secret pal time again! I'm doing the SP6 (the one I created the humorous controversy buttons for months ago, hey, I think I'll put one of those up!) and I just got my first package on Monday. Yipee!

As it turns out my SP is from the UK and has sent some interseting treats. In my package there you can see I received a delicious dark chocolate bar, some stitch markers that spell "knitting", A felted cuff (very cute!), some brushed alpaca that she dyed herself (the color isn't quite so riotous in person), and abag of Rice Cakes flavored (or should I say "flavoured"?) with "yeast extract" which she explained is marmite. EEK! Marmite! I'm afraid!

Anyhoo, I'm plotting what will become of that alpaca even as we speak. I'm also trying to think of some thing I should make for my SP which of course I won't post about until the round is over so she won't find me out. I think I have her fooled pretty well so far, I don't want to blow it!

It was 80 degrees yesterday. I'm not going anywhere with this, just thought I'd mention it.

My brain is wandering. I know there was something else I wanted to post about today. What was it? Seriously, what was was it? Eh, whatever. I guess I'll post about it tomorrow!


Comments on "SP 6 is underway"


Blogger Chris said ... (2/09/2006 9:34 AM) : 

80?! Hmph. It's finally reached 20 here...


Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (2/09/2006 9:41 AM) : 

Sp button? I see no button.


Blogger Jennifer said ... (2/09/2006 9:43 AM) : 

That alpaca looks lovely! The felted cuff looks intriguing too. Nice gifties!


Blogger Rain said ... (2/09/2006 10:46 AM) : 

Mwahaha! You got Marmite!

The Green and Blacks is great.

I think the alpaca is lovely.


Blogger Zonda said ... (2/09/2006 12:09 PM) : 

eeek! marmite...hmmm could be good ya know! You could get addicted to it...and it's rice cakes, just what you need right now :))))


Blogger Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady said ... (2/13/2006 5:28 AM) : 

I've always been curious about the taste of marmite. Not curious enough to try it myself, just curious.

Excellent haul, yay for SPs!


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