Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Overalls of Shame update

I've almost finished the bib of the Overalls, I'm on the buttonhole row. I had to take a little break to knit my anemic baby girl some hand warmers.

Yeah she really is anemic. We went to the doctor yesterday for her 18 month visit and she got stuck seven (one finger prick for biliruben test, six shots) times. Hard for any mom to watch but even better was that we did The Boy's 4 year old check up at the same time and he got stuck five times (one biliruben test, for shots). Yesterday was not a fun day. At least now we know why she's always got freezing hands. She's on an iron supplement and a multivitamin, no big deal. I think the main reason she was iron deficiant was because she was refusing to eat while she was sick for like a month.

Anyway, back to the Overalls. All that's left is the back straps and the finishing. I've decided that instead of doing a single crochet edging around all the edges (I'm still not getting the crochet thing despite my SP's Crochet for Dummies book, perhaps someone should write: Crochet for Inept and Blithering Idiots who Don't Know When to Get Someone Else to Do it) I'm going to do I-cord binding with Fun Fur. Oh the humanity!

For your viewing pleasure I've included a rejected proof from our family photo shoot. This pose was rejected on the basis that I look like I'm going, "S'up?"

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Comments on "Overalls of Shame update"


Blogger Penny Karma said ... (12/14/2005 10:36 AM) : 

I absolutely adore that family photo. And I can't wait for the O's of Shame to make their long-awaited debut.


Blogger Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady said ... (12/15/2005 8:11 AM) : 

Oh, DO, I had no idea you were so pretty :) You should post more pics of yourself!


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