Monday, March 26, 2007

The Mamir

the Admiral now.
Ask him how much time I have left.
When is the the one who will be helped the most by your understanding of this And you feel no compassion for them?
Doomed by an accident of birth or boiled.
You must remember . . . tired eyes, I followed the others.
Outdoors into a field of ripening silently as the voice-over spoke.
and I shuffled out and followed him at a discreet distance.
Clanking needed.
This did not make me feel much better.
join the other three already up.
Made for some interesting shadows.
A minute break every hour, keep walking until sunset.
very much like I felt.
He eased himself into the chair opposite me.
I All over.
object of your attentions is quite clear.
I can promise you that while off the suit-and a lot of flesh with it.
The suit was padded.
He was ominously-then crashed out Admiral Bonbons voice. .. fans?
Not wise, our host said.
There was a clank-clank close behind me

It seems like bad spoken word poetry doesn't it? In truth, just a spam email I got titled 'the mamir' since it cracked me up, I decided to share it. I din't edit this at all, this is exactly how I got it. And if you're dying to know the author it came from an email address registered to Muhsin Schulz, who is trying to sell me viagra, valium, cialis, ambien, soma, and xanax. You are a beat poet Mr. Muhsin Schulz, rock on.

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Comments on "The Mamir"


Blogger Batty said ... (3/26/2007 5:05 PM) : 

My guess is that these are chunks of a romance novel. Who knew drivel could be so poetic?

Now that the man has sent you such a lovely poem, you'll just have to buy his viagra!


Blogger Magatha said ... (3/26/2007 9:24 PM) : 

Huh? Wow, it's late. I guess I'd better go to bed.

::::snorting as loud as I can:::::


Blogger Bezzie said ... (3/27/2007 4:51 AM) : 

For a sec, I thought you were drunk blogging!


Blogger SuzannaBanana said ... (3/27/2007 9:28 AM) : 

Admiral Bonbon? Of course I'm a fan! Who isn't a fan of Admiral Bonbon?

This sounds like a rejected chapter from a Thomas Pynchon novel.


Blogger Rain said ... (3/27/2007 3:27 PM) : 

Aw man, you get much better spam than me. No fair.


Blogger Penny Karma said ... (3/28/2007 11:19 AM) : 

An accident of birth or boiled?


Blogger Jess said ... (4/05/2007 5:19 AM) : 

OH, that Admiral. Tee Hee.


Blogger Penny Karma said ... (4/19/2007 3:28 PM) : 

Ok... seriously. Where are you???


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