Saturday, February 24, 2007

More things Garrison Keilor says

Nothing like a superbaby to bring a smile to your face and say, "Yeah, when the aliens come to turn us all into slaves he will probably be good breeding stock."

GK:Did I ever tell you about your myspace pic? *shakes head* Very unflattering, it's almost like poop on celluoid.
Me: Thanks for the comment on my myspace pic, I always enjoy being told how poor I look in pictures. Every woman does.

GK: I think I need to challange Kaylee to a hell in the cell match to prove my dominace to my woman.
Me: You know Kaylee could just put her hand on your forehead and keep you out of arm's reach, right?
GK: Ok enough about my height, I will not be mocked about my height, especially from a dark haired Polly Pocket.

Meh, I can't tell trailer trash from zombies, that's why the deep south scares me so much.

It's like a long forgotten friend, when you finally stand in front of said friend all you want to do is hug and grope them, patting them on the back in an awkward fashion.

GK:*chuckles* Yeah, winter gets cold here. Then this white stuff starts to fall from the sky and I swear it's like the world is coming to an end.
Me: White stuff? I've heard about that. They call it show or something right?
GK: No, in my lands its called the white death.
Me: So perhaps you should consider one of the bright shining lands to the south where that doesn't happen.
GK: Hah! The south is full of the soft! All that sun breeds in weakness!
Me: Yeah people are always remarking on the incredible weakness that is me.
GK: Well you are of the weaker sex... so you are not totally to blame. But your hips are good for breeding, so there is some reedemable value there.
Me: Yeah, women with all their bleeding and child bearing and putting up with men's crap, total wimps.

Ok... but I still feel the internet is for sharing porn.

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Blogger Batty said ... (2/25/2007 11:02 AM) : 

Can't type. I'm rolling on the floor.


Blogger flutter said ... (2/26/2007 8:20 PM) : 

You are too funny. Hey I am starting Project Snuggle back up and I am going to use the button you made for me, last go around. Thanks again for your generosity


Blogger Rain said ... (3/17/2007 8:37 AM) : 



Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (3/17/2007 1:00 PM) : 

Hee! You're such a dork. I love it.

That little sweater is too cute! Clown College - Hee!


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